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Fig Oil & Weight Loss! What a September!


Well I must say this month just gone has been one win after another for me.

First up, I was able to get our fantastic stores into 10 new retail stores around London, with many other retailers taking on more stock! This is not a fad people!

Secondly, I lost 6 kg.

Thats right, SIX kilograms!

After reading an inspirational Adiphene review (a diet pill) that really struck a chord with me, I decided to buy Adiphene and give it a try for myself. Simply following the directions and going for a walk each morning, the weight simple fell off.

I’m feeling so trim and terrific! If you need to shed some kilos, I highly recommend checking Adiphene out.


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Hoping to be selling in the USA soon !

an illustration of the us with a flag overlay

We here at Barbary Fig Oil London are pleased to announce that soon our oils will be made available through a brilliant site called The site currently features such brands as 360 Cut, CTD Labs, LGI Supplements, MuscleMaxx, Nature’s Herbs, Nature’s Life, Total Detox and many more.

It is an honor to be in such good company.

Hopefully this is only the first step towards bringing our product to the broader market. Wish us luck !

Check us out, will be listed soon at

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Some Facts About Barbary Fig Seed Oil

Today I wanted to share some of what I beleive are the most powerful benefits of Barbary fig seed oil

It is a powerful anti-oxidant that halts the ageing of skin cells, and then stimulates their renewal helpin to protect against those pesky free radicals.

It acts as fantastic anti-wrinkle solution, reducing not only the number of the wrinkles but also their depth not too mention the circles and bags underneath your eyes.
Spent too much time in the sun, or just a little red in the face, this magic oil can help there too.
Barbary oil is a restructurer, a healer, and a repairer, it is great for scars and other blemishes.
The product can also deliver a smoothing effect on the skin and can close the skits pores, and can firn the skin and face and breasts.
Last but not least, it can moisturize and nourish your skin all the while leaving its lovely fragrant notes.


My husband has recently been trying out a device by a company called SizeGenetics, which enables the natural enlargment of the penis, by stretching. He was able to use the fig tree oil to sooth skin around the penis after use, and I must say as you are probably wondering, the SizeGenetics Results were quite impressive! You can read his SizeGenetics Review if  you are really interested!



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The Wonders Of Barbary Fig Oil


Barbary fig seed oil with its high Linoleic acid content provides a wonderful softening effect that heals and hydrates the dry and aging skin. Clinical studies have continually revealed skin that is susceptible to acne quite often is lacking in Linoleic acid.

For that reason Barbary fig seed oil not only can minimizes acne well, but it is also ultra-light and can be absorbed easily by the skin, without leaving the oily remnants that can be found in other products.

Did you know that Barbary fig seed oil contains more Vitamin E than any other plant oil? It does, hows that ?

To Use Barbary Fig Seed Oil roll a fine layer on affected areas, making sure they are well cleansed first. Massage the oil in gently until it is completely absorbed by the skin.

For best results apply  at night time just before going to bedtime. This way, you will awake looking and feeling fresh.

Many of you will have noticed, that I have been absent from the site for a few months. To cut a long story short, about 12 months ago I had surgery, and following that I suffered addiction to an opiate based painkiller.

When I stopped taking these painkillers, I was struck down with severe opiate withdrawal symptoms, and after many trying months I finally found a way out, a supplement called Elimidrol, was able to provide the relief I needed to get my life back on track, and back to the job I love. I have now started a side project promoting awareness for opiate withdrawal treatment as I feel many people when in this situation do not know where to turn.


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